If you like that 'Old Time Religion' in music
Then, you want HOMEBOUND!


HomeBound began 2013 with a lot of appearances. One was to 'Open' for the Nehemiah Foundation's 5th Annual Community Praise And Worship event, January 25! What a great evening of music, worship and prayer. We're gonna' be busy this year, so whenever you can, come see us! All our bookings are handled through Jim (one of our members). HomeBound doesn't often have a fee to appear, but we will accept your donations. Occasionally, we will use some of our funds for travel expenses, but otherwise they are used to further God's kingdom in our charitable giving or for the costs of recording.  Please send your booking request (early please) to: HOMEBOUND and please be patient, we're often very busy (there are many appearances which don't appear in our schedule because they are not available to the public or we may be recording). 

Our new CD 'Plugged Into Jesus' is complete!

God has been good to us, we want to make these CDs available wherever we sing and play, for a donation. We have a limited supply on hand. They can be mailed. Estimated mailing costs (for one): $2.00 (USA), $3.00 Canada. We'll have to check for larger quantities - mailing anywhere else, as needed. If interested, for requests and information, where to send your donation and shipping costs, or bookings, please email us @


Bluegrass  and  'Old  Time'
Gospel  Music

We're jus' a bunch of 'ole' boys' who jus' love to play and sing those old Bluegrass gospel songs and Hymns. Some of us can actually play our instruments kinda' well.

We're traditional  and, a little progressive at times. We've even written some of the songs we may sing.  Most of the songs we play are very familiar, especially to those with a love for Old Time  Gospel and Bluegrass

Our name comes from our faith in Jesus and His promise that He's preparing a mansion for us, in 'our' Father's House!

This is our belief and why we love to sing those old Hymns and Gospel songs.

Some Favorite Song Lyrics

That Little Mountain Church House

Wagon Tracks

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Our  Schedule
updated often, so
check back often, to
see where we'll be
* * * * * *

(* Indicates Open to Public *)

*  May 31, 5:00 PM  *
St Mark UMC 
2043 Memorial Drive
Springfield, Ohio
Google Map

* June 18, 7:00
PM *
Eaglewood Village
3001 Middle Urbana Rd
Springfield, Ohio
Google Map

* June 21 *
about 11:00 AM

New Carlisle
First Freewill Baptist Church
9555 New Carlisle Pike

New Carlisle, Ohio

Google Map

* July 26, 7:00 PM *
Church of God of Prophecy
130 Park Avenue
Mechanicsburg, Ohio
Google Map

August 3, 9;30 AM
Plattsburg United Church Of Christ
1715 S Urbana Lisbon Rd
(Rte 54 N)
South Charleston, Ohio

ch Picnic)

* September 20, Festival *
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Coleman Park
384 Thompson Lane
Nashville, Tennessee
Google Map

* * * * * * *

* Second Sunday *
each  month, as many 
that can, gather for a
worship service at

Forest Glen
(Health Campus)
2:30 - 3:30 PM
4100 Middle Urbana Rd
Springfield, OH 45503

MapQuest Map

* Fourth Sunday *
each month, as many 
that can, gather for a
worship service at

(Health Care Facility)
2:00 - 3:00 PM
2615 Derr Road
Springfield, Ohio
MapQuest Map

* First Monday *
each month, as many
as can, gather for a
worship, communion
service at:
Grand Court

Living Center
2:00 - 3:00 PM
2981 Vester Ave
Springfield, Ohio
MapQuest Map

This Schedule is
subject to change
without notice

Our Nursing Home ministry is
important to us. We appear at
various local Nursing Homes
and Extended Care facilities.
If you'd like for us to appear

at yours (in or near Springfield,
Ohio, send your request


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